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PopStar Fighter is an arcade-style video game with action shooting and side-scrolling effects and is dedicated to all your family. The object of the game is very simple. You are this pilot who fly a little aircraft over some trees and buildings, but you also have to avoid all those balloons launched in the sky and this is where it becomes challenging because to clear your path you will have to pop the more balloon you can until you reach your destination at the end of each level. But wait! While you fly through the sky filled with those balloons, you will also need to check out for your fuel level during your journey. So, to keep you alive through all these obstacles, you will have to make sure you picked up all the fuel barrels you can and witch are located on the ground.

PopStar Fighter has up to 10 levels with many difficulties. The higher is the level the more obstacles you will need to avoid and if you pass level 5, the faster will be the speed of the game therefore the more challenging and fun it's gonna be.

The game starts with a simple menu scene on which you can choose from 5 different choices. Speaking of choices if you chose to click on options, this will lead you to another page on which you will find everything you need to know about all the game controllers, and how the game work. If you look below, you will also see how much you earn for every balloon you pop. For each time you pass 10,000 points you will also get a bonus life.

If you wish to beat up your friends and other family members by gaining the highest score as possible, then try to hit all the red balloons you can because of each of them worth 200 extra points. Also, try to keep your plane flying on the far right of your screen.

Minimum Requirement

PopStar Fighter is available for the PC under Windows 10, it is recommended to run the game under a fast computer with at least 4GB of RAM equipped with one of the NVIDIA GTX 600 series GPU. The game will be playable by using the arrow keys from your keyboard, or you can use any USB analog gamepad controllers as well.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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